Research: cut, internal chamfer, external chamfer and boring

In order to answer to the different necessities these cutting lines have been divided in two types: the first one refers to machines designed for remaining independent, the second one to lines designed for the connection with other machines. Evidently, the differences are noticeable also in terms of cosr.
With these machines, by a special system of our design, we are able to cut,externally chamfer, internally chamfer and bore directly with the cutting head

Cut and Chamfer

P133/4U – CNC


P168/4U – CNC


P225/4U – CNC



If it is not necessary for the connection with other machines, this one is the ideal type. Even if it is a basic model, in fact, it has all the technology needed to accomplish the processes previously described

Cut and Chamfer - Basic


If you need to connect them with other machines, these cutting lines have specific features that allow the connection: the separation of heads and tails of tube from the good pieces; the cleaning station, that ensures that the tubes come out cleaned, ready for the next processing; a configuration for the connection to conveyor belts towards other machines is also possible

Cut and Chamfer - Full Optional